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Illuminate Training

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is an aesthetic medical procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles.

One of the most effective treatments for a clinic to offer. Amazing results on a multitude of skin concerns.

  • Ageing
  • Pigmentation
  • Scarring
  • Stretch marks
  • Hair rejuvenation
  • Skin Rejuvenation


We train you with an innovative glass vial device which has 20 gold plated titanium, spiral micro needles which allows the mesh cocktails to flow into the skin. Sterile and safe protocols are trained at all times to ensure patient safety and provide exceptional results.

about the course

Illuminate Training Course - £495.00


Illuminate (Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)) is an aesthetic medical procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles.

These small incisions stimulate an inflammatory reaction, which triggers the wound healing process. 

We use meso cocktails in combination with needling to protect the skin cells from free radicals and tighten and brighten the overall tone. 

Transdermal Delivery – Micro Channels created from microneedling serves an essential function for delivery of active ingredients to the active dermal layer of the skin. This is currently the only effective method of penetration for topical applications.  

Since the skin cells believe there is an injury, there is a rapid regeneration of collagen and elastin, as well as keratin cells. This process benefits a multitude of skin ailments. 



Please see below a list of competencies which we assess you against on your training course:

  • History taking
  • Physical examination skills/clinical judgement
  • Demonstrates understanding of indications for treatment, A&P, procedural technique
  • Obtains informed consent
  • Demonstrates appropriate preoperative preparation
  • Offers/applies appropriate analgesics
  • Demonstrates safe delivery of proposed procedure
  • Technical ability
  • Aseptic technique
  • Post procedure management
  • Communication skills
  • Professionalism
  • Overall ability to perform the procedure competently


Your trainer will work with you to help you meet the required standard for each of these competencies.

Delegates not able to meet one or more of the competencies will be asked to resit their training on a different date at an additional cost.


  • Introduction to Microneedling
  • Brief overview of the Epidermis, different skin types and effects of the environment upon our skin.
  • Gain a full understanding of the process you need to follow including consultation and contraindications
  • Gain practical hands on experience ensuring you are fully competent and confident in your own ability to perform illuminate Microneedling
  • Opportunity to ask questions
  • Understand and manage a variety of side effects, complications, patient concerns and how to address them
  • Demonstration of illuminate Microneedling  techniques on real patient models
  • Establish confidence through practical hands-on experience on patient models under 1:1 supervision of our expert trainer
  • Learn to micro needle safely, but to successfully tackle every stage of the patient journey with confidence; from consultation, through treatment, handling rare complications, and looking after patients for the long term
  • Access to 1:1 supervision opportunities in the Birkdale training company clinic (by appointment and additional charges apply)
  • Free and exclusive access to our highly active online Facebook community for post-course support, questions and debate.
  • Patient model cases (typically) lasting around 1-hour each
  • 4:1 trainer/trainee ratio – maximum 4 trainees to a trainer to ensure the quality of hands-on experience and individualised tuition for this course
  • Dedicated fully-equipped modern clinic environment